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Small things

Trance’n’Dance seems to be cancelled from my part, but I very much am still coming to Kupalenki. And possibly, another party in Ukraine one week after that, we’ll see…

I added one new video, a reportage of our (when we still were a group) attendance at a Reclaim The Streets party in Lahti, Finland, 2002… Some good memories, head over to the video section to find that.

TOMORROW! The albums arrive…

Summer 2012

Hiyay ninjarobots, I greet your lazer eyes with joy today!

Some festivals & parties for thee summer:

22.-24.06. @ UG, Finland, Official Eclipse 2012 Finnish warmup.

06.-09.07. Trance’n’Dance – The Ark @ Kremenchug area, Ukraine
11.-16.07. Kupalenki Festival @ Crimea, Ukraine

Stay tuned, more probably coming!

And the album, I hear your multitude of voices ask? It’s gone to the production, I should have it in a few weeks now finally in my hands!


Where do you want to go this summer?

Ok, the latest parties in Belgium & Russia have been fantastic, even if the police ruined the one in Moscow, we managed to have a really nice gathering on the first of May, with special guest: Perun! 😉

Next up is Kiev in just a few days with Puoskari, Lemon Slide & the local ppl, and after that, Samara on the 13th on June…

So, it all looks like this for now:
23.-25.5. Kaleidoscope – (Kiev)
13.6. Mars Attacks! – (Samara)
25.7.-2.8. Khan Altay – (Gorno Altaysk)

And as usual, I’m talking with several people about more parties in different countries, so except updates soon!

I’ve also had problems with our server, so I can’t update the gallery. Well, maybe later…

Spring hailings

OK, the long winter is now starting to be behind us, and it’s time again to shake away the crust of dust gathered in the dark times, and fix our gaze to the future, shining bright (oh, so bright!) in before of us.

What this means, of course, is that the party season has started! These are the currently (more or less) confirmed shows coming up. If you’re local, you’ll find them, no need to put more info here 😉

4.4. Antwerpen
25.4. Moscow
3.5. Izhevsk
8.5. St. Petersburg
23.5. Kiyev
25.7.  Gorno-Altaysk

And I’m sure, there will be some more coming up as we go on with the ride 😉

I would ask people to pay special attention to that last one, I believe it will be a very special occasion, since already the nature alone is a reason to consider the trip. I invite everybody to come there and share in the moment of the full solar eclipse, on the point of the Earth that is the furthest removed from the sea, in the ancient and magical lands of the Altai mountains…

Pictures from this summer’s parties!

OK, Space of Joy went fine, the set was one of my best, at 11 am with at least 30 degrees in the shadow, and people just still going wild!

So thank you for the organisers, all the party people, and especially all who took care of me when the sickness hit  me 😛 Phew, that was rough, but then again, I think almost everybody were sick at one point or another…

I have uploaded the pictures, and also the pix from the BK Family 6 years festival and the 6th Sun festival… In the usual place!

Next coming up the Moondrops party near Jerusalem, with Afgin, whee 😀 So all oldschool lovers, be there!

There might be a festival in Russia in the beginning of September, I saw myself already on the lineup, but the organisers haven’t really contacted me yet. I’ll try to be there, but it’s going to be tricky for several practical reasons… :/

Other than that, I finally seem to have some money saved up so I might be able to buy headphones and continue writing music 🙂 Yai! I’m continuing in my school for the next year, but I hope to do more music this coming winter… And also there is coming up the comp with some exciting tracks from me  & several friends around the globe 😉 Stay tuned, I’ll try to fix that one up after I come from Israel and get the moving to my new apartment (again….) done.

Oh and I put up some video at Youtube too… Looks crappy, I’m adding the original one to my gallery soon…

Ukraine was great, coming up Russia again.

The party near Kiev with Eraser & Yöjalka (& of course all the Ukrainian artists!) was fabulous, the morning was some of the best ever for me, especially the second set in the chill-out…
A million thanks to all the people who took care of me & travelled with me, it was such a great time 🙂 Pictures from the party are here. I have also some video, which I hope to upload next week. But first…

There is a party near Moscow this weekend, but since it’s not publicly announced, I can’t tell the details. But ask around, I’m sure it will be fantastic 😉

There has also been talks about a party near Moscow in the end of June, and a few parties in Ukraine and maybe Israel later this summer… But we will see.

And what else is going on? I just moved back to the capital from the countryside because my school ended, I’m a bit paralyzed by all the “civilization”… This is not the life I want to live anymore… Anyway, I made a nice gallery of my artwork and the things I’ve been working on at Deviantart, check it out!

All the music projects are frozen since my headphones are broken, and there is not really space to set up the speakers and not really even the computer in my small room where I’m staying for the summer. So, heh, please some big organiser book me and pay me a lot of money so I can buy new headphones and monitor speakers 😀 Because otherwise I have no idea when I can next continue with my music. And I want to.

Goddess Guerrilla is almost sold out, there’s only a few copies left so if you want it, you’d better hurry…

But anyway there will be a compilation this summer with some tracks from me from the last year, and also some other people I’m now talking about it with. Target release schedule is sometime in July.

I also still want to put up all my Psycle & Dreamstation project files, but me & the webmaster are so busy that I don’t know when I can do it…

Anyway, it’s silly to sit at the computer when it’s such a perfect summer weather out there! Go and enjoy it! 😉

Party near Kiev, Systo, future plans…

Hi, there is a great party coming up in Kiev on the 19th. Eraser vs Yöjalka is also coming, so if you miss this you’ll be sorry for the rest of the month 😉

Also sorry for not showing up at Systo, I had some serious confusion with some practical issues, and after talks with thte organiser, had to cancel the party at a last moment. BUT there might be some other parties coming up in Russia very soon, so stay tuned!

Also considering my previous post about piracy… What the hell. I decided that closing up is not the way to go, and I decided to create the world’s first open source music project. So as soon as we can fix them up, I’ll have ALL my previous music (except for the remixes which are negotiated by me with the bands and contain copyrighted material that I can’t obviously offer publicly) up for download in the sequencers’ formats…

So except a healthy dose of FT2, IT2, Dreamstation and Psycle files very soon here 🙂 There will be also some old tunes that I never got up to releasing, maybe somebody will find them interesting, or remix them, or