Where do you want to go this summer?

Ok, the latest parties in Belgium & Russia have been fantastic, even if the police ruined the one in Moscow, we managed to have a really nice gathering on the first of May, with special guest: Perun! 😉

Next up is Kiev in just a few days with Puoskari, Lemon Slide & the local ppl, and after that, Samara on the 13th on June…

So, it all looks like this for now:
23.-25.5. Kaleidoscope – (Kiev)
13.6. Mars Attacks! – (Samara)
25.7.-2.8. Khan Altay – (Gorno Altaysk)

And as usual, I’m talking with several people about more parties in different countries, so except updates soon!

I’ve also had problems with our server, so I can’t update the gallery. Well, maybe later…

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