Summamutikka – Taii Kayka remastered (2017)


Back in the days when Aavepyörä still had many more members with Heikki, Jani, Samu and me as the most active ones, we thought to keep the goa influenced tracks under a different project name. So I wrote two albums with Samu as Summamutikka.

I was pretty clueless when I did the original mastering, so the version of Taii Kayka released in the year 2000 ended up sounding pretty bad. People have been bugging me for a better version for years, “because the mp3 compression sounds bad”. Sorry to break all the illusions, but the audio quality versions sounded very thin, stuffed and crusty too…

Eventually I decided to remaster all the tracks with a more dynamic and three dimensional sound. I tried not to change anything in the tracks, but many elements that were buried in the mix are now better presented, and some which sounded a bit too much have been subdued a bit. Taii Kayka is the only track that has the composition changed a bit, and the version of Lohikäärmelaulu here is a slightly reworked 2002 version.

I know many people still like these albums, altough me the music makes blush a bit, it’s so out of control and in your face. But anyway, it’s an unique album and part of the goa trance revival history. At that time the goa sound was practically dead, and all the scenesters kind of hated it. So singlehandedly (doublehandedly?) we decided to remedy the situation with Samu, and create some proper oldschool music. But as it often goes, what became of it was something else, because we could not escape our immediate influences and the spirit of times after all.

So here is it: my weird mixture of israeli nithzonot trance married with the Finnish forest psychedelic sound of the end of the 90s, hardcore acid trance, the trolls on mushrooms-sound of Samu, fragments of 8-bit SID music and chiptunes… With all the warts and crunchy bits.

The whole album was created during a period of six months in the year 2000 just after I got out of prison and was full of ideas after the “creative pause” enforced on me. All of the tracks except Luumusuu (which was written in Impulse Tracker 2) were created with the Dreamstation software, with some occasional external synth sounds. It’s very unstable now, and getting it to work properly on a 64-bit system seems impossible. So this was the last moment of saving the original stems before bitrot and the eventual “progress” of software would locked the originals up forever.
The only track that is the same version than on the original release is Luumusuu, which has only partial project files available anymore. Luckily it was also the track with originally the best mastering on the album, and altough a few things sorely calls for fixing on it, this version will have to do.

Heartbeat of the free