Tie ja vaeltaja (2008)

Taika-Kim & Aavepyörä present a musical travelogue:

All tracks written between June-September of 2008 in Little Piggy Tracker, running on the GP2X Linux console.

Tracks feature 8 channels of samples, and as it has been before, that’s just about enough… Altough on the remastered versions I used a lot of VST effects.

Since there is no sample editor for the GP2X all samples were used “as is”, even though I know that in some sounds some offline editing would do good. Most of the sounds came from analog synths.

You need to run Little Piggy Tracker from the /bin directory in the archive to listen to the music of the original music disc edition. Short instructions are:
select the tune you want to listen with the arrow keys, and press “a” to load it. “space” is song start/stop. “left ctrl+arrow up/down” toggles between the song screen and the song menu.

Read the rest from the online documentation… Or even better, buy a GP2X, load up some samples, and start creating music where ever you go!

All music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Download the music in Little Piggy Tracker format in one ZIP packcage. (74mb)

Tracklisting of the music disc edition:

1 – Everything’s still fine
2 – Until the lasers of this world blaze no more
3 – Lazy on the best days of summer
4 – Tie ja vaeltaja
5 – Every hippie needs a home or a few
6 – Black stars, white sky
7 – Pirates of Fox Bay
8 – The uncounted scales of the multihued dragon that lies between the dimensions
9 – Survival of the free
10 – Searching for Shambhala
11 – Some reasons to spend time in trains

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