Summamutikka – Taii Kayka (2000)

Summamutikka was a goa side project by Samu & me that we started because we wanted to initially keep the Aavepyörä sound purely eclectic and not tied to genre limits. We made two albums until the project went to deep slumber after 2002 when I took alone responsibility over the Aavepyörä project and fused my trance music into it. Lately I’ve felt the need again to keep a separation, and Summamutikka rides the waves of cosmos again as it’s own entity. Black Moon was the first release that contained a few tracks that had been around for some years, and currently I’m working on a full-length album.

Taii Kayka was the first release, of which I created a remixed and -mastered new version in 2017.

But if you want to have the original version for nostalgic reasons or in the case you enjoy an over-compressed and -processed mix, you can download it in WAV here too.

Aavepyörä 2000
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