Bizarroworld (2007)

During my travels lately I’ve met many gifted, yet unknown artists, whose music deserves to be more widely heard and spread. This compilation is a gift from all of us, mean to be freely shared and enjoyed by everybody. May it bring light and energy to this most dark (at least here in the northern hemisphere!) time of the year.


Taika-Kim has been creating electronic tracker music for nearly ten years now, and has lately been responsible alone for the releases made under the Aavepyörä project. With him busy with his crafts studies for the last year or so, with little musical output, the team has now been reinforced with one of the founding members, Jani Anttila. Working in the Buzz tracker, his compositions reflect a nearly scientific clarity of thought with a definite oldschool trance touch along the trails set by classic synthesizer space music!

Speedhawk and Riktronik

Frome space and beyond comes the duo Speedhawk and Riktronik… They have been exploring the bleeps and beeps of highscore trance since June 2006, with a history in music spanning back several years, along with ongoing studies in sound design. It’s a cybernetic groove-o-rama, flavoured with a smashed Casio and a twist of Nintendo!



Based in Moscow, Spacetec has been DJing and creating trance music since 2004. Working mostly with progressive sounds this far, her future will hold also journeys into the lands of psytechno and night sounds. Picked for this compilation are two excellent prog tracks, bringing us some relaxation and rest of mind between the harder acid tracks and Finnish sounds.



Hailing from Kiev, a project by Dimitro and Gree Shanti, Zymosis has cast a bright light over the psychedelic trance culture & festivals for the past 10 years. Devoted to music, they share their mind and soul, intent to make you fly into the depths of the trance experience.Pinning down their style is hard, but it mixes elements of psytrance, downbeat, and ambient. Anyway it carries a touch of summer and sunshine to everyone in this dark time of the year, and act as perfect counterpart to the more upbeat dance music on the compilation!



Based in Kharkiv, DJ Soliery aka Sol (aka Valeriy Kuznetsov) has worked as a dj from 1997. Playing music from progressive through breaks to trance, He has appeared at most of the popular clubs of Ukraine. His musical career started even earlier with experiences with trackers. He was at that time a part of RDD project (Valeriy Kuznetsov & Nikolay Karnaukhov). RDD varies musically from down tempo and trip-hop to proggy tunes and atmospheric drum and bass.In 2004 Sol collaborated with Castaneda (Konstanlin Savchenko) and created The Solcast project. Solcast is sunny music, full of energy and soft as a summer’s sea, and they have performed at several festivals, bringing joy to all party people with a love for beautiful music.


Conspirala, Sabcooch Milega

From Ashqelon and Jerusalem, comes the dynamic duo Conspirala (Yoni Moravia & Gil) who have been writing music over ten years already, from the age of 13 when they were both first exposed to the tracker music scene. They formed the Conspirala project in 2004, but have also their respective solo projects, Yoni as Peyote King and Gil as Sabcooch Milega, the latter of which is also featured on this compilation. They also organise happy outdoor events in the Jerusalem area as Virus & Spirala. So presenting a warm wind from Israel in the legacy of oldschool trance & the psychedelic experience: here is Conspirala!

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0 thoughts on “Bizarroworld (2007)”

    1. Yeah Gil definitely had his own sounds, I have no idea what he is up to now, didn’t meet him for years… Back then I just remember he had his computer full of these crazy 10 minute acid tracks sounding a lot like old Total Eclipse and that style of stuff…

    2. I see your old domain was taken over but I’m happy to see your blog is alive and you’re an active artist still. I come back to this album from time to time as a reminder of good, old days that are long time gone.

      1. Thanks! Yes I still work a lot on music, and also experimental sound design. Come to Khan Altay this year again! And yes, this music is good memories from past times <3

  1. Wow man, I just discovered your music.. 🙂
    Many of it I like, some tracks i have more difficulties, when there’s a morelike 8bit sound to it.
    But truly crazy atmosphere. Also love it that its something i haven’t heard yet anywhere really!
    Will surely let you know a more intimate opinion once i got more intimate with your music! 🙂
    Thanks to all of you!

    Greetings from Belgium

    1. Thanks Adrian 😀 Well yes I like to do different styles… On the new album, Katso kukkaa it’s everything from 1994 style acid goa to prog, 8-bit, ’98 era darker Phantasm style sounds and whatever in between 🙂

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