Spring hailings

OK, the long winter is now starting to be behind us, and it’s time again to shake away the crust of dust gathered in the dark times, and fix our gaze to the future, shining bright (oh, so bright!) in before of us.

What this means, of course, is that the party season has started! These are the currently (more or less) confirmed shows coming up. If you’re local, you’ll find them, no need to put more info here 😉

4.4. Antwerpen
25.4. Moscow
3.5. Izhevsk
8.5. St. Petersburg
23.5. Kiyev
25.7.  Gorno-Altaysk

And I’m sure, there will be some more coming up as we go on with the ride 😉

I would ask people to pay special attention to that last one, I believe it will be a very special occasion, since already the nature alone is a reason to consider the trip. I invite everybody to come there and share in the moment of the full solar eclipse, on the point of the Earth that is the furthest removed from the sea, in the ancient and magical lands of the Altai mountains…

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