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Aavepyörä saves the world, pt.2


I will donate my latest gig fee from the Belgium gig IN FULL to Luonnonperintösäätiö, to protect old growth forests in Finland. The sum is 300€, which totals to about 600 square meters of forest in average.
However, I will take on donations for two weeks before I pay, so you can contact me if you want to participate. (paypal, IBAN transfer)

Viulukkalampea ennen majavan tuloa. 11.6.2006 Ilpo Piiroinen.
Mäkrämäki on Luonnonperintösäätiön 28. suojelualue ja toinen Etelä-Karjalassa

More pictures from forests the organisation has thus far protected:

Every 5€ buys 10 more square meters of endangered old growth forests in Finland.

The fund I’m supporting works by buying old growth forest, and then setting it aside for protection. There’s little expenses, so most of the money actually go into buying land!

I will wait until 1.12. if other people want to participate, and then transfer 300+ all donations to the organisation.

Finland is often seen and advertised abroad as a country filled with vast wilderness areas, when in fact in southern Finland less than 0,5% of the forested areas can be considered as old growth (past the usual age of a forest “ripe” for commercial logging). And of these old growth forests, even fewer can be considered as so-called wilderness forests, where there are no signs of human activity.

In the long run, goal is to set 10% from my profits aside for purposes like this. Im recent years I’ve been so chronically poor though, that this has not been possible. So I consider this a delayed payment from the last few years 🙂

The latest (direct, it’s important!) flight to Brussels generated en estimated 370kg of co2 emissions. Old growth forests have been estimated to tie in around 2+ tonnes of co2/year/hectare. So 600m^2 is about 1/17th of a hectare, using this data I could say that the flight will be offset in less than three years. AND remember that if that same are would be felled, it would generate 12 tonnes of co2!

AND the fact that about 30% of all endangered species in Finland depend on old growth forests! AND the fact, that old forests are plain awesome! And I want to preserve awesomeness in all it’s forms 😀

And what else…? The gigs in Belgium and at Playground in Helsinki went great, it was fun to test the new tracks on the dancefloor, and play some more peaceful 8-bit style sounds for a change 🙂

The new album is progressing, still about 60% done, now been honing the tracks already finished before moving to new stuff. Style will still be closer to Kotiin haltiakansan luo, meaning more peaceful and atmospheric stuff as  opposed to my old acid tracks… BUT! I have started aquiring analog gear & am building my own modular synth, so I’ve been thinking of doing a new Summamutikka album, throwing all stupid artistic ideas away, and just make an albums worth of blasting crazy morning acid tracks 😀 And also probably make new versions of some old Summamutikka tracks, there’s some material on the albums that seriously would be playable if I just mastered it again, and added maybe some analog bubbly sounds to give some colour to Dream Station’s signature sound…

Halloween disguise party, Belgium 29.10.

This is a bit late in coming to public, but I’ll be performing in Belgium the coming weekend. I guess if you’re interested and in the area, ask around for details.

I will have some new tracks from the upcoming album, waiting forward to seeing how they work on the dancefloor 🙂

Alea Present
 October 29th
 Halloween Disguise Party
 2h live
 (Aavepyörä Records / Finland)
 (Ganja Tree Records / Belgium)
 4h dj set of the craziest Forest sounds
 Skeleton Hex naar Anoebis
 (Suntrip Records / Belgium)
 3h dj set from Forest to Suomi
 (Cronomi Records / Belgium)
 4h (Acid)trance set
 ... More to confirm ...
 Halloween Disguise Recomended 
 Decorations By G-Visions 
 Damage: TBA 
 Location:Oost vlaanderen
 Sound: Turbosound (makers van Funtion One)

Spring hailings

OK, the long winter is now starting to be behind us, and it’s time again to shake away the crust of dust gathered in the dark times, and fix our gaze to the future, shining bright (oh, so bright!) in before of us.

What this means, of course, is that the party season has started! These are the currently (more or less) confirmed shows coming up. If you’re local, you’ll find them, no need to put more info here 😉

4.4. Antwerpen
25.4. Moscow
3.5. Izhevsk
8.5. St. Petersburg
23.5. Kiyev
25.7.  Gorno-Altaysk

And I’m sure, there will be some more coming up as we go on with the ride 😉

I would ask people to pay special attention to that last one, I believe it will be a very special occasion, since already the nature alone is a reason to consider the trip. I invite everybody to come there and share in the moment of the full solar eclipse, on the point of the Earth that is the furthest removed from the sea, in the ancient and magical lands of the Altai mountains…

Autumn 2006 AVP party extragavanza

Hmm sorry this is very late again, but I had some problems updating the site. Anyway:

The party Kellokoneisto organised in Gent  last friday went great, and I hope to have a few pictures up maybe next week. A big thank you to all the Belgian trance people and all who took care of me during the trip, and of course Max & co who made it possible in the first place 🙂

I am also playing with Celluloid Dmage in Moscow on Saturday 30.09., that is, the day after tomorrow. Ask around for more info, can’t give any info here now since I don’t have any 😛 Goddess Guerrilla CDs will be available so pack some extra doubloons with you to partake in the booty 😀

Love & light (as all ways), Kim <3