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AVP Saves the world… Once again.

Two horses on the path between Inya and Tyungur, Altai.
On the path between Inegen and Tyungur.

In the past year I flew a few times, and rode buses, trains and cars in order to bring my beats to you, my dear lovely people.

This all is bad mojo for the planet, so it’s again time to offset some of this.

So I paid 50€ to Luonnonperintösäätiö, a non-profit foundation that buys off land for protection in Finland, with the emphasis on old growth forests. While to outsiders Finland may seem like the magical country of old forests and trolls, almost no old forests stand anymore elsewhere than the most northern parts of the country.  In South Finland, less than 0,5% of the forests can be classified as old (150+ years), and only about 5% in the whole country. Here’s a good article about the situation with an English summary by Ilkka Hanski, one of the most (if not the most) respected ecologists of the country.

Kyöpelinvuori/ Witches’ Mountain.
Photo Otso Ovaskainen/ Luonnonperintösäätiö

Also I sent 75$ to The Altai Project, an US based non-profit working under the Earth Island Institute. They do invaluable work in protecting the fragile and unique nature of the magical Altai mountain country.

While this may not be much, it’s still a gesture, and as they say, small streams flow down into big rivers…

The powers against our Mother Earth are strong and relentless, and they will stop at absolutely nothing except the peoples’ unwillingness to let the destruction go on. Just as an example, the location of Khan Altay has now been destroyed completely, and the land around the area is for sale. I had a hard time facing this last winter, my heart just can’t accept the fact that a few powerful individuals can choose to do such things. So, before “the massive tourist potential” of the Altai area is harnessed, there still are possibilities for protecting this unique land. More sad pics from the location are at Dmitry’s blog.

Aavepyora saves the world!

I have been long concerned about the negative environmental impacts of my travelling, especially flying in cases when it’s nearly impossible to do the trip otherwise, like when going to Israel.

Starting from this moment, I will now give abut 10% of my each fee for environmental conservation projects.

The first organisation to benefit with a donation of 75$ is the Altai Project , who do important work in protecting the vulnerable Altai region in Siberia. Thank you Amanita Productions & all party people for making this possible!

The reason for this choice is my travels in that area last year. I was at once awestruck by the nature, and made very sad by thinking that in the future big challenges will be met it in this area to keep the place in it’s magical condition.

The Altai Project is a part of the Earth Island institute.

Respect the source!


New unique hand made fair trade shirts are also available! Click the image for more infoez.

Khan Altay & adventures in Siberia!

So, I’m finally back home, and all the adventures are already beautiful memories.

And what memories! All this was, frankly, some of the most fun I’ve ever had!

And for the first time in a long time, I had some spare time to make a photo reportage in my true style again:
Pictures (sorry, these are offline for now!)

So, a big thank you goes out to everybody involved, who made it such an eventful and memorable time for me, at the festival and afterwards!

And just if you’re curious… No I didn’t play all my new tracks at the festival, since I was suspicious of the bass mixing of some of them. But I do have over hour and half of new music waiting inside my GP2X to be properly mixed and mastered… So it looks like at some time in the future, maybe next winter, there will be finally a new solo release from me. Actually I’m working on two: the one will be an album of tracks made from the start to finish on my computer with all the live tweaks and cool stuff that can be expected, and the other is the collection of the very straightforward party tunes I’ve made on the console… The first will be hopefully my best & most artistic release so far (I have three tracks in quite nice shape now already…), and the latter just some cool stuff to listen & party to, but nothing very subtle or imaginative… But anyway, more about all this later!

Right now I will have a small break in traveling to make some order in my own life, but there’s already been talks about a few parties in Israel later this autumn. So stay TUNED, and go gape at those pictures 😉 !

Also, I have new t-shirts for sale, they are 100% hand dyed & silk screen printed by me, details & pictures (they are all unique) will soon follow hopefully. And oh, they are fair trade, too (not organic, though…too bad, but it was too complex & expensive to try to find such a small batch of organic fairtrade shirts, it was always either…)

Spring hailings

OK, the long winter is now starting to be behind us, and it’s time again to shake away the crust of dust gathered in the dark times, and fix our gaze to the future, shining bright (oh, so bright!) in before of us.

What this means, of course, is that the party season has started! These are the currently (more or less) confirmed shows coming up. If you’re local, you’ll find them, no need to put more info here 😉

4.4. Antwerpen
25.4. Moscow
3.5. Izhevsk
8.5. St. Petersburg
23.5. Kiyev
25.7.  Gorno-Altaysk

And I’m sure, there will be some more coming up as we go on with the ride 😉

I would ask people to pay special attention to that last one, I believe it will be a very special occasion, since already the nature alone is a reason to consider the trip. I invite everybody to come there and share in the moment of the full solar eclipse, on the point of the Earth that is the furthest removed from the sea, in the ancient and magical lands of the Altai mountains…