Aavepyora saves the world!

I have been long concerned about the negative environmental impacts of my travelling, especially flying in cases when it’s nearly impossible to do the trip otherwise, like when going to Israel.

Starting from this moment, I will now give abut 10% of my each fee for environmental conservation projects.

The first organisation to benefit with a donation of 75$ is the Altai Project , who do important work in protecting the vulnerable Altai region in Siberia. Thank you Amanita Productions & all party people for making this possible!

The reason for this choice is my travels in that area last year. I was at once awestruck by the nature, and made very sad by thinking that in the future big challenges will be met it in this area to keep the place in it’s magical condition.

The Altai Project is a part of the Earth Island institute.

Respect the source!


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