Halloween disguise party, Belgium 29.10.

This is a bit late in coming to public, but I’ll be performing in Belgium the coming weekend. I guess if you’re interested and in the area, ask around for details.

I will have some new tracks from the upcoming album, waiting forward to seeing how they work on the dancefloor 🙂

Alea Present
 October 29th
 Halloween Disguise Party
 2h live
 (Aavepyörä Records / Finland)
 (Ganja Tree Records / Belgium)
 4h dj set of the craziest Forest sounds
 Skeleton Hex naar Anoebis
 (Suntrip Records / Belgium)
 3h dj set from Forest to Suomi
 (Cronomi Records / Belgium)
 4h (Acid)trance set
 ... More to confirm ...
 Halloween Disguise Recomended 
 Decorations By G-Visions 
 Damage: TBA 
 Location:Oost vlaanderen
 Sound: Turbosound (makers van Funtion One)

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