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Season’s greetings

Hey, just some update about what’s going on right now.

I made that donation for Finnish ancient forests, 500€ from the latest gig fee + generous donations from friends made the fact happen that approx. 1000m^2 of Finnish old growth forest will be protected! Thank you everybody who made this happen!

Trance.lation goes as such: “Kim Åke has done a donation to Luonnonperintösäätiö, by which 1000m2 of Finnish ancient forest is going to be protected. The fund aquires permanent protection to all of the forests under it’s ownership. Luonnonperintösäätiö thansk you warmly for your donation for endangered forests in their natural state.”

The new album is going on great, I hope it would be a new Goddess Guerrilla, I have for the first time in six years or so comfortable space for working and mixing, and I’ve been getting some proper analog gear so I think it’s something to look forward to! ETA somtime next spring/summer.

I have also been doing remasters of many old tracks that are unplayable because of bad sound/mixing, I was thinking of making a separete release of them, once I have enough…

The CD version of Kotiin haltiakansan luo is finally happening, but I want still to work on some of the tracks… The quality is still not up to the level that would warrant a proper CD release. So keep waiting 🙂 I think this might be out in the spring too. Or then maybe make a double release from that and the new album? Will have to see.

It’s 21.12. soon, that means the winter solstice and the end of the world/dawn of a new era/doomsday of foil hat people… So light some candles and tell people they are beautiful, we need to support each other in the middle of this most dark time of the year! (yeah still waiting for snow here this year….)

Aavepyörä saves the world, pt.2


I will donate my latest gig fee from the Belgium gig IN FULL to Luonnonperintösäätiö, to protect old growth forests in Finland. The sum is 300€, which totals to about 600 square meters of forest in average.
However, I will take on donations for two weeks before I pay, so you can contact me if you want to participate. (paypal, IBAN transfer)

Viulukkalampea ennen majavan tuloa. 11.6.2006 Ilpo Piiroinen.
Mäkrämäki on Luonnonperintösäätiön 28. suojelualue ja toinen Etelä-Karjalassa

More pictures from forests the organisation has thus far protected:

Every 5€ buys 10 more square meters of endangered old growth forests in Finland.

The fund I’m supporting works by buying old growth forest, and then setting it aside for protection. There’s little expenses, so most of the money actually go into buying land!

I will wait until 1.12. if other people want to participate, and then transfer 300+ all donations to the organisation.

Finland is often seen and advertised abroad as a country filled with vast wilderness areas, when in fact in southern Finland less than 0,5% of the forested areas can be considered as old growth (past the usual age of a forest “ripe” for commercial logging). And of these old growth forests, even fewer can be considered as so-called wilderness forests, where there are no signs of human activity.

In the long run, goal is to set 10% from my profits aside for purposes like this. Im recent years I’ve been so chronically poor though, that this has not been possible. So I consider this a delayed payment from the last few years 🙂

The latest (direct, it’s important!) flight to Brussels generated en estimated 370kg of co2 emissions. Old growth forests have been estimated to tie in around 2+ tonnes of co2/year/hectare. So 600m^2 is about 1/17th of a hectare, using this data I could say that the flight will be offset in less than three years. AND remember that if that same are would be felled, it would generate 12 tonnes of co2!

AND the fact that about 30% of all endangered species in Finland depend on old growth forests! AND the fact, that old forests are plain awesome! And I want to preserve awesomeness in all it’s forms 😀

And what else…? The gigs in Belgium and at Playground in Helsinki went great, it was fun to test the new tracks on the dancefloor, and play some more peaceful 8-bit style sounds for a change 🙂

The new album is progressing, still about 60% done, now been honing the tracks already finished before moving to new stuff. Style will still be closer to Kotiin haltiakansan luo, meaning more peaceful and atmospheric stuff as  opposed to my old acid tracks… BUT! I have started aquiring analog gear & am building my own modular synth, so I’ve been thinking of doing a new Summamutikka album, throwing all stupid artistic ideas away, and just make an albums worth of blasting crazy morning acid tracks 😀 And also probably make new versions of some old Summamutikka tracks, there’s some material on the albums that seriously would be playable if I just mastered it again, and added maybe some analog bubbly sounds to give some colour to Dream Station’s signature sound…

AVP – Fighting around the world

I’d like to say a BIG thank you for all the people who have heeded my call for support!

Thus far, the beneficient organizations have been The International Red Cross Catastrophe Fund, The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals and The Maya Village of El Zapote in Guatemala.

Our server costs are also covered for many months, and that’s just swell of course!

But I know you can stretch it a bit more. Surely there are more people in the world that can use your help and I know that there’s something everybody can part with, be it their time, money or whatever.

For example, why not join Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Network and spend a few moments every now and then to send an e-mail, fax or a letter on behalf of some person whose human rights have been abused. Come on, do it NOW instead of surfing to the next site. You can listen to our music while you’re doing it even 😉 I know this is the next thing I’ll do! (hah, how’s that for a challenge!)