Back from Israel (again…)

So the Moondrops party was good, but sadly the police interrupted us after I had played for only a hour. Anyway, I got to play even that much, and the beginning of the night was very good with good old goa trance 🙂

Also sorry for everybody who was excepting me to come to that Amanita party next weekend, I was originally planning to, but then decided to go to Sinai instead to rest a bit before I return back to Finland and in the middle of the chaos that my life is right now 😛 But it was a hard decision, playing in the same party with Total Eclipse and Chakra would have been very important for me, especially since I loooove the old Chakra & Edi Mis tracks!

A few pix from the party should be coming up, and work is also progressing on that compilation that I’ve been working out…

But, alas!

My master harddrive blew up yesterday, so all work is completely frozen now on everything. (luckily all my data is safe on another drive)

Since I am shit broke, and anyway am opposed to buying new electronical devices (for the obvious environmental reasons!), I’m just suggesting that everybody who happens to have a functioning, IDE harddrive of 30gb or so they don’t need, contact me. I would be very happy to get one 😉

Also, talking about old components, if anybody has old socket A / 462 processors above XP1800+, or even a good socket A motherboard (my current mobo doesn’t like my soundcard that much), I would be happy to receive some… My XP1800+ was fine for working with Psycle, but EnergyXT is a low latency ASIO app, so it needs also a bit more power to run on the level of plugin use I’m used to.

So, yeah, instead of sending me money, you can now get rid of your old waste components, and make one poor student a very happy person indeed 🙂

As soon as I have time, I’ll count the flight kilometers for this year, and pay a so called voluntary “carbon tax” to some organisation (probably the Friends of the Earth here in Finland, since I deeply distrust the programs of the big actors like Carbonneutral) to offset the environmental damage I’ve caused with all this travelling. In the future, I will require the party organisers to pay this in addition to the usual fees.

Also I will raise my fees for shows, now I have been always on the brink of actually losing money when travelling, since I have been playing for around 150 euros usually, which really isn’t that much if I want to stay somewhere for even a week or two after the party. And I’m really opposed to flying somewhere just to play trance for a few hours…

Also, I still want to release all my project files for my music up to this moment… But what with all the computer problems, having to move to a new apartment again, the start of the school and everything, this will take a while probably… And also maybe put up audio quality downloads? People have been asking for that a lot…

Anyway, here is now the end of my summer of travelling, it’s time to get back to my crafts, and also hopefully FINALLY start working on a new album as soon as I get my computer fixed!

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