Back home finally & Space of Joy 2007

So the planned three day trip was extended into two weeks, and I ended up on the 6th Sun festival for the summer solstice. It was a really magical and beautiful gathering, and I can just say thank you to the organisers who made it all possible and did such a lot of work to make it all happen.
The solstice night with all the fires, mist and just fantastic people was really special!

I hope to have pix soon online from both the parties…

!Israel date updated again!

I am playing at the Space of Joy festival in Ukraine, happening between 25.7. and 6.8.! Wow, cool, I love the Ukrainan partypeople, and the Crimean peninsula is sure beautifu 🙂

There is also an outdoor party in Israel near Jerusalem on 17.8. It probably won’t be publicly widely announced, so ask around, as usual 😉 I’m also staying for a few weeks, so if somebody wants to book me for another party, now is a prime time to save a lot on the flight prices 😉 (I think it would be fair to share them between organisers?)

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