Autumn 2006 AVP party extragavanza

Hmm sorry this is very late again, but I had some problems updating the site. Anyway:

The party Kellokoneisto organised in Gent  last friday went great, and I hope to have a few pictures up maybe next week. A big thank you to all the Belgian trance people and all who took care of me during the trip, and of course Max & co who made it possible in the first place 🙂

I am also playing with Celluloid Dmage in Moscow on Saturday 30.09., that is, the day after tomorrow. Ask around for more info, can’t give any info here now since I don’t have any 😛 Goddess Guerrilla CDs will be available so pack some extra doubloons with you to partake in the booty 😀

Love & light (as all ways), Kim <3

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