Winter 2007 new-s-plash

Hiyai all!

Just some short update on what’s going on:

There’s going to be a party on the 9th of March near Jerusalem, so ask around & be there 😉 It’s great to meet everybody again.

Also sorry for all those who I have had to turn back about gigs lately, I am really elbow deep with all my craft projects, so there’s not so much time to travel. I really want to all these things now that I have the perfect chance 🙂
But hopefully in the summer I have more time, and I’m able to do all the proposed gigs! Plans include already Sweden, Russia, Belgium… Keep tuned!
Also because of these other things, there has not been so much time to do music… But there’s things cooking. There might be some small EP in the spring, and a proper album in one year or so. But have no fear, I’m very motivated, there’s just not time for everything at once.

There’s also a new Myspace page, it’s another easy way to contact me, or just listen to some tunes at your working place  with that cool flash player 🙂 And also links to some other great artists on Myspace…

Suomen väelle tiedoksi, että soittelen 28.2. ystävieni vaalibileissä Wäiskissä. Tervetuloa sinne vain kaikki!

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