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320kbps free streaming available now on Audius

The title says it all. Audius is a quite promising new streaming service. I’m not sure how relevant the whole basis on a blockchain is, and what real world problems it’s realistically solving, but the fact is that for now it’s the only service I know of where an artist can get his or her music streamed in high quality 320kbps for free, without any upload time limits.

I have uploaded most of my released music there already, enjoy!

A Home In The Stars EP

I’ve been quite busy with my thesis and the Complete Discography project for the last two years, so there hasn’t been much time for new music. But I’ve been finishing off old things, so I can make space for something more novel. Here’s two tracks that I started two years ago, along with some remixes I’ve made of my older music:

Rest assured, I have a lot of new ideas cooking, time will tell when I have something finished to show. I hope to have at least a two track EP out from my new project by the end of the year, but we’ll see.

The Complete Discography project was a great success, thank you to everybody who contributed. Creating the stems for my old tracks was a much more daunting process than I initially expected. I must have spent somewhere near 200 hours on that one, but I’m really happy we did it together! Having those stems is a good thing for me, because now I can remaster some of my old tracks that, to be honest, don’t sound that good because at that time I didn’t have a very clear idea about mastering music.

Autumn, Katso kukkaa is free to download now.

Not a lot of happening on the surface, but rest assured that I am working on a ton of new music presently!

Katso Kukkaa is now pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp, so you can has it for free also.

Some parties might be coming up as always, and party organisers make note: this winter I will give discounted rates to nice warm places 😉 The winter starts to be imminent, and I need to get away for at least a bit…

Katso kukkaa for sale again!

Yes, yes, yea!

The new pressing has arrived, and the order info for Katso kukkaa is again up at the album page.

So the album is for sale again!

I will start mailing replacements to the people who ordered the album in the summer in the next days, I will contact all people first to ensure the mailing addresses are still the same.

Collector notice: there were about 40 discs sent out with the flowers in the few days I had the sales up in the summer. The older albums like Aarnimaa and Goddess Guerrilla are going for insane prices now from what I’ve heard, so you might want to consider putting those albums in a safe place 😉

Vien kanssa myöhemmin tällä viikolla Cyber Shopiin ja Edenin puutarhaan uusia levyjä myyntiin, sekä vaihtolevyjä niille, jotka ostivat kesällä viallisen. Päivitän erikseen sitten kun tavara on kaupassa.

Katso kukkaa, the new double album, finally out!

There it is! My latest labour of love, and arguably my finest album to date! Check it out under the music section.

Ordering is closed now until August while I’m travelling. Meanwhile in Helsinki you can buy the album for 12€ from Edenin puutarha (Uudenmaankatu 33) and Cyber Shop in the main railway station.

Edenin puutarhasta kanssa käsintehdyt suklaat, yrttiteet yms herqut! Suosittelen 🙂


We have spring.

Yes, it’s here, welcome back, life!

And welcome also the new album! The music is done, it’s paid, and now just finishing the sleeve graphics so it can be printed. I’m soo happy 😀 I believe it will be available before June already…

I’m now looking for parties to play and go travelling next summer, I have time from the 23th of June to the beginning of August… So organisers feel free to contact me for details about payment etc 🙂

Also, the first two weeks of June are possible between 1.6. and 16.6.

So, let’s make this one crazy, mad party summer together!

Aavepyora, Quirk/ Mark Allen, Terrafractyl, Hypnagog 23.3., Israel

OK, back to the holy land, 23.3. Lau Lau presents a really cool lineup, and I will present around two hours of new music, along with some popular old ones probably 😉

Space Camp Gathering… Space Odyssey… What next? What’s the third space party this year?? We live and we see 😉 I don’t know myself, but I’m sure something beautiful is on the way!

Also, I have created a Soundcloud page. There you will probably find work-in-progress tracks, maybe remixes of old tracks, and so on… So it will pay to check that out now and again! For now there are two new versions made with my new analog synths of tracks from Kotiin haltiakansan luo, that I was not happy at all about when the album was released. Also some sneak peeks at the new album can be heard there 🙂

And the new album? Definitely coming out before summer, I have already concluded most talks with the printing house, I think we will see something very special indeed, and finally a professional printed CD that will last for decades hopefully!

That’s all for now, love & light forever!!! – Kim :;)

Site problems

Hi people!

I know many people have been wondering what is up with the site and the malware that many virus scanners report.

Well, that’s something I haven’t had any time to research because of other stuff in life, but now I’m graduated and unemployed so hopefully I can try to sort the site out.

What’s up otherwise? I’ve got something over 300€ as donations from the latest album, so it’s possible I might be able to do the CD this year. Also I will touch up some of the tracks now that I’ve had time to test them on dancefloors. Yes this all might seem like a slow process in the world of today, but hey, that’s my way. Speed and efficiency is overrated these days…

About next summer I still don’t know, there has been talk about Belgium, Russia and maybe Turkey, but we will see. I’m very open to all ideas! Especially I would like to come over to Macedonia, Slovenia and that general direction, so if somebody over there is reading this, drop a few tracks to your favourite party organiser and give a hint about me 😉

Also, I’ve begun working on some new tracks, and also making some music for a computer game, more on that later I hope.

Peace & take care!

Unemployed in Summertime

Me sends a hies to you all.

What’s up? Where’s Aavepyörä?

The answer lies thus: camping in ye olde woods, staying out, avoiding the internets and travellings. I want to experience the Finnish summer this year, so no gigs for now.

But between staying out and being lazy, I’m doing 18 hour days with my new album, “Kotiin haltiakansan luo” (that’s “Back home to the elven people” for the linguistically challenged You there). It will be very good. I’m also looking for a publisher for that, beacause I’m too poor and busy to do self-publishing anymore. So, label people: contact me with insance offers of money. I might even write you back if there’s enough zeros at the end of the deal.

I’m really excited about the sound, it’s SOOO good to work on a computer again, after doing tracks on the GP2X for the whole last summer 😀

Because, really, with all the travelling in the last few years, there has been zero time for musicmaking :/ And I just need to take that chance this summer.