Unemployed in Summertime

Me sends a hies to you all.

What’s up? Where’s Aavepyörä?

The answer lies thus: camping in ye olde woods, staying out, avoiding the internets and travellings. I want to experience the Finnish summer this year, so no gigs for now.

But between staying out and being lazy, I’m doing 18 hour days with my new album, “Kotiin haltiakansan luo” (that’s “Back home to the elven people” for the linguistically challenged You there). It will be very good. I’m also looking for a publisher for that, beacause I’m too poor and busy to do self-publishing anymore. So, label people: contact me with insance offers of money. I might even write you back if there’s enough zeros at the end of the deal.

I’m really excited about the sound, it’s SOOO good to work on a computer again, after doing tracks on the GP2X for the whole last summer 😀

Because, really, with all the travelling in the last few years, there has been zero time for musicmaking :/ And I just need to take that chance this summer.

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