Tie ja vaeltaja deluxe fractal vomit edition

OK, here’s finally the remastered tracks from Tie ja vaeltaja, I put it up on Jamendo first, and it will eventually be available here too. The reason I put that up on Jamendo was that I think that they used to have a FLAC download option, but it seems that does not exist anymore :/

There’s some little surprises with some of the tracks, but basically they are the same tracks than on the original music disc, just mastered to sound better on sound systems.

In other not-so-recent news: the Atla Batla party in April was great! Sorry no pix, I don’t have an internet connection and just don’t want to spend that much time in the net. It’s evil 😛
Anyway, also no gigs this summer, I’m working a bit (leadin kids’ environmental summer camps) and also trying to work on the new album, which is about halfway done, and should be out in the winter. I’m also looking for a publisher for that one, so labels are free to contact me with insane offers of money 😉

There might be one very special party with my favourite party organisers, but more about that later…

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