AVP in Hungary

Party people of Hungay: prepare for a night of great Finnish musíc!

And when, travelling, remember to aviod flying! I do, so I take the long route to Budapest through Tallinn & Warsaw with a bus & train… And train travelling is anyway more fun than flying, even if you don’t consider the obvious environmental benefits. We are standing on a thresholf of a new time & possibilities, and the time for decisions is NOW! Everybody should do what they can to protect the Mother Earth.

Also, new t-shirts are available, there is a limited set of about 25 fair trade t-shirts hand printed by me! Price will be 25€ + postage, so they are going dirt cheap! There are also available a few of the fair trade hand tie-dyed & printed t-shirts I made in the summer… But there’s only a few left so I won’t even post any pics, just ask from me at parties, they cost 30€…

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