Site problems

Hi people!

I know many people have been wondering what is up with the site and the malware that many virus scanners report.

Well, that’s something I haven’t had any time to research because of other stuff in life, but now I’m graduated and unemployed so hopefully I can try to sort the site out.

What’s up otherwise? I’ve got something over 300€ as donations from the latest album, so it’s possible I might be able to do the CD this year. Also I will touch up some of the tracks now that I’ve had time to test them on dancefloors. Yes this all might seem like a slow process in the world of today, but hey, that’s my way. Speed and efficiency is overrated these days…

About next summer I still don’t know, there has been talk about Belgium, Russia and maybe Turkey, but we will see. I’m very open to all ideas! Especially I would like to come over to Macedonia, Slovenia and that general direction, so if somebody over there is reading this, drop a few tracks to your favourite party organiser and give a hint about me 😉

Also, I’ve begun working on some new tracks, and also making some music for a computer game, more on that later I hope.

Peace & take care!

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