Party near Kiev, Systo, future plans…

Hi, there is a great party coming up in Kiev on the 19th. Eraser vs Yöjalka is also coming, so if you miss this you’ll be sorry for the rest of the month 😉

Also sorry for not showing up at Systo, I had some serious confusion with some practical issues, and after talks with thte organiser, had to cancel the party at a last moment. BUT there might be some other parties coming up in Russia very soon, so stay tuned!

Also considering my previous post about piracy… What the hell. I decided that closing up is not the way to go, and I decided to create the world’s first open source music project. So as soon as we can fix them up, I’ll have ALL my previous music (except for the remixes which are negotiated by me with the bands and contain copyrighted material that I can’t obviously offer publicly) up for download in the sequencers’ formats…

So except a healthy dose of FT2, IT2, Dreamstation and Psycle files very soon here 🙂 There will be also some old tunes that I never got up to releasing, maybe somebody will find them interesting, or remix them, or

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