Butterfly Effect party went great & a word about piracy…

Thanks for all the wonderful people at Australian Vibes, the place was just surreal, and I had a really good time there. Special thanks to everybody who took care of me, kept me fed, supplied with tea & so on, you know who you are!

Also some words about piracy:
I love when people copy my tracks around, that’s why we have this site, first of all! But what I do NOT respect is, when people ask money for it. There’s a lot of Russian MP3 shops selling my albums, which is first of all absurd because here the music is free, and secondly, commercial use of these tracks is forbidden by the license. Too bad that it’s practically impossible to take legal action against this kind of activity in Russia :/
Also, I heard of a record shop that is selling my CDs in Moscow for a pretty expensive price. The idea of somebody profiting from my 10 years of free voluntary work makes me quite sad and angry.

So what this means is, that my next album will not probably be available for free. I will manufacture a normal CD, and people have to pay to get the music. I’m a little bothered by this idea, but I just can’t allow some dishonest people profiting from work made by the goodwill of others… I’m working on the details now, but probably it will be self-published, unless I get a sensible offer from some label. (wink, wink…)

Also, we’re working on free full quality WAV versions of at least the latest albums. I hope this would cut the market from the pirate releases… We’ll just have to see if the server can handle it. I also probably will put up all my Psycle, Dreamstation and Impulse Tracker files at some point, for people to take a look at the tracks, make remixes and so on.

Stay tuned!

& See you everybody at Systo-palty gathering in two weeks! It will be fantastic!! (mm bringing my new tracks with me this time to try them out a bit<g>)


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