Space Camp Gathering 2012

OK, first party for this summer confirmed, I’ll be playing at Space Camp Gathering in Russia! It seems like a really nice festival, so people at that direction make some space (ahem) in your calendar 🙂

Space Camp Gathering 2012 flyer

I will also most probably come to Israel in the spring, but the details are not yet closed. But if it happens, I can tell the lineup will blow some minds 😀

And the new album? Well basically it’s ready, now I just need to listen to the tracks at different places, and hope to try them out at some parties, before I send it to the press… Now saving also money so finally there will be a pro quality product available 🙂 Still not sure about the CD for Kotiin haltiakansan luo, since I’m not happy with the sound, so maybe the people who donated for that, get the new album first before anybody else, or something, I will see… And maybe if I manage to remaster all the tracks, I might make some small run on that too later, I’ll have to see.

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  1. Yes, lookign forward to performing there. Today I heard that Systo is at the same weekend, too bad, it would have been cool to go there too. But anyway, I am sure this will be a very special, atmospheric gathering 🙂

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