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OK, I spent an utterly boring afternoon and uploaded hudreds of pictures from all the parties in the recent years. Still need to do a few, but they’re almost all there! Enjoy and try to find yourself in as many pix as possible!

What else? All the planned parties for this summer have been cancelled, which is a shame, especially since I have been on counting on getting that money and spending accordingly. And I want to travel! So all prospective party organisers make note 😉

I finally also have more time now that I’ve graduated, so I’ve been thinking of releasing all my Psycle files for people who are interested in remixes and such. I don’t know though how much of use those files are, since the songs use a lot VSTs that people probably don’t have, and the worst of all because of the way Psycle handles automation, replacing the missing ones with something else will lead into the old automation still being redirected to the new machines, which gives for some interesting random effects… And since the automation data is interspersed with the note data in the patterns, removing the automation takes a lot of time too.

Still, I want to do that! I’ve also made new versions of some of my old tracks that I thought need reworking… I’ll think of how to release them, maybe make an own Bandcamp page just for the new versions so they’re easy to find and I’ll keep the old albums as a kind of snapshots of the time when I released them…

That’s all, have a nice day and remember to love your garden! And if you don’t have one, get one, it’s great 🙂

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    1. Hi!!

      Today I finially managed to get started to practically exploring your dreamstation tracks! And before getting to them completely, I’ve decided to visit your site, maybe there is something new..

      And yes! A new site, and a new archive file, .7z instead of the broken .zip. If you remember, we communicated a little via e-mail and I’ve reported you, that the archive is broken, and some tracks could not be read.
      And now I have them all! 🙂

      There are some really great ones! Could’nt thought of better ones for my learning attitude! Especially pattern130901.dss and TAIIKAYKA.dss

      I have a question though. What does “Taii Kayka” mean? Most of the songs I can translate with google, but this one totally no, and it is important for me to know…

      Also, I would also love to have .psy files. And why would’nt you include all the VSTs inside? Of course, those that are free and which you also still have..

      Thanks for your contribution!! 🙂

      1. Hi, you’re welcome!

        Taii Kayka is a kind of play with words, Taika-aika would mean “magic(al) time” in Finnish, so that’s just bending it a bit…

        .Psy files will come as soon as I have some time, setting them up for distribution will take some checking…
        I might include VSTs, but… Well, there’s stuff that was not free too. Mostly. That’s also why I prefer free software now, because it’s potentially easier to distribute and share stuff.

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