Thank you Floopy & the desert 16.11.!

So, shame about the situation, but for those few who came, it was still a great party, I had fun playing a lot of old material that I never play usually, and also new mixes of old Summamutikka tracks (I believe there’s a release coming of those sometime in the future…). And also it was great hearing for once something like 12 hours of pure oldschool goa only!

I have a few pics, I’ll upload them when I get back home.


3 thoughts on “Thank you Floopy & the desert 16.11.!”

  1. that party was amazing! so many Spiritual experiences that we experienced
    Especially when you played! thank you!
    from the guys who Climbed the mountain.

  2. Thank you for an amazing, beautiful Israeli desert
    You surprise me every time a new and illuminating way

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