Shirts almost sold out + gig in Israel!

Ok, the tees are going fast, so if you want to have one for yourself, better drop the order soon! Goddess Guerrilla CD is still delayed, the summer is just _too_ busy…

Something very special is happening in Israel in the beginning of August, locals should keep their ears open 😉 It’s all arranged and happening unless the current political situation turns too bad… Let’s all hope for some peaceful solution soon, there has already been too many deaths on both sides! Anyway, the party is held in a very peaceful part of the country so there should be no problems 🙂

Also thanks to everybody who was present at Reclaim The Streets Turku! Here’s some pix.

OK, I’m moving to a craft school to study historic crafts for next year so I’m not sure what will happen to AVP meanwhile, I’m sure I have my hands full of projects there, but I hope to keep writing music and have another album ready for 2007… OTOH, one certain old AVP member has become more active again, and is showing some very nice new material, keep tuned 😉

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