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Soon, welcome friends old and new in Ukraine to:


Main stage live acts:


+ lots and lots more of nice stuff!

Oh, and the album is ready. More about that hopefully still before June 😉

Wintertime love

I am back now from Israel, thanks Lau Lau for making my first hardware live with analog electronics happen! Too bad about the police… I still  had a great time. Work on the new album is ongoing, I strongly believe it will be out in the summer at the latest.

I will have to see if I have the courage to fly with the equipment again, now I had some serious damage on the way back, even though everything was packed in a flightcase…


Katso kukkaa, now available in Russia

Copies of the album have been left to Boogie Shop, so altough the album is not listed on the webpage, it should be available from them for 400ryb. So this is over half cheaper than ordering straight from me!

Also, thank you Buddha Project, thank you Walk About Love, thank you Space of Joy for the recent parties! And of course always the brightest rays of love shine on the dancers, who take part in the sharing of energy every time!

Ja Suomessahan Helsingissä levyä saa edelleen Asematunnelin Cyber Shopista 10€ hintaan.

This spring

I’ll be playing in a very exciting goa party by Buddha Project in Israel with Transwave and Radical Distortion on 26.4. (wow, they even got the Finnish lettering right<g>)


Also, very probably I’ll be at Systo this year again after… What!? Really, five years. Time goes so fast, that festival too feels like yesterday. So, 8.-13.5., this is what’s happening:


That’s all for now.

Oh. And working on new music again, so much fun! Goa meets 70s space synthesizer music meets psychedelic folk meets Commodore 64 SID tunes meets italo meets… Whatever! I think this will be a very exciting album indeed 😉

CD Problems

Ok, it seems that for reasons yet unclear (probably damaged CDR master, from which the glass master for replication is an exact copy), there are errors on CD1 of Katso kukkaa, I’ll investigate this when I get back home in August, but judging from the jumps in tracks 4, 6 and 8, and the crackling in tracks 9 and 10 of the pirated Russian release, I’ll need to re-replicate the disc if all of them are really similarily damaged. So probably people who want the new disc will at least have to pay at least the postage, since already this project has swallowed huge amounts of money from my personal budget 😛

So if anybody can duplicate these phenomena and report back to me, I would be most happy:

Track 4, 2:53 jumps
Track 6, 1:15, 3:58, 6:24, 7:18 jumps
Track 7, 0:40 jumps
Track 8, 0:05 jumps
Crackling until the end of the album starting at track 9, 2:40