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I finally got a grip on myself and decided to fix the various problems the site has had for over a decade or so. Everything is now hosted on a dedicated server so I’m in full control. All of the broken links to the older albums should be fixed now. In the sound design and music tutorials there’s still a few missing files, but mostly everything should work by now.

It’s also, incidentally, the 20th anniversary of our (I’m still using the plural, although no one else has been active since 2006/7, because I don’t think nobody ever quit) website.

At the time we were just doing our thing, but in retrospect having everything we made available for free was kind of progressive, I think. It certainly brought me good things.

I think it’s interesting to note that for the first years everything was in Finnish, since it didn’t really occur to us that anybody outside of Finland would listen or even find our music. It was a much smaller world definitely then, mind you… All this of course changed after a few years when I realized- to somewhat of a positive shock to myself- that I had gathered a quite an active and dedicated following in several parts of the world.

I, and the rest of us too really, took initially a very active stance against the so-called suomisoundi culture at that time. I think the motor in that was me mainly, because I was personally a bit pissed off by certain aspects of that culture, and wanted our music to represent a completely different aesthetic and set of values. Well. I’m quite past that of course by now, and it’s quite obvious that even back then I couldn’t escape the influence. But I guess that a certain amount of individualistic hubris tends to go with that stage in life…

Curewntly, I’m working on several new albums and few other things too. I’m not making any declarations yet because I’m just in the initial phases of sketching things, but I believe that fans of the classic AVP/Summamutikka sound will be pleasantly surprised come that time when the music is out eventually. There’s also at least one new more experimental project, and in good time, the second Kadonneet maat album.

One thing I’m still a bit undecided is if I should just go with the times and start to do more EPs. Creating a full-length album can take several years, and a quite good argument can be made against the stance that 74 minutes of continuous music makes any sense even, especially for party-oriented music. I’ll have to think about this, and of course am happy to receive any thoughts concerning this!

I currently have a full-time (very interesting and fulfilling!) job and I’m a happy father of a most wonderful small human being, so music has to take the back seat for a while. This is all good of course, and it also means that my productivity has been going up actually lately because I’ve gravitated towards more straightforward things again to make the best of what free time I can arrange for myself.

For the past years I have really spent inordinate amounts of time with building all kinds of very complicated modular effects, sampling and recording setups and such, which has necessarily slowed down my musical output. The Kadonneet maat album is one offspring of that work, and I love how it turned out, but for the foreseeable future it’s just not realistic that I make another album that is as detailed and obsessively crafted. So you can expect more in-your face tracks again. Lots of them, in fact.

But, talk is cheap. Back to work 🙂, The first version of the site in  2001.


Our new website at became online in 2004, and was finally retired in 2011, to be continued at and later (because someone stole the .net domain while it was unregistered for a while…)


In 2008, things were rolling forward at full speed with lots of incredible parties and travelling.




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