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Kadonneet maat

About four or five years ago I felt strongly, that the Aavepyörä sound has dominated my musical output too strongly, and that I was getting stuck in the same manners.

I laid the project to rest in my mind (for now) and embarked on a journey of exploration of musical and signal processing theory and all sorts of weird sound experiments.

This album grew out of those experiments, during a period of around three and half years. Much of that time I could concentrate on sound full-time, and it was very liberating to just keep experimenting without thinking all the time about finishing anything. New ideas grow when there’s space for them. I lived outside the city next to a national park and conserved forests, and almost every day I went into the woods just to listen to the sounds of nature and let my thought processes flow free.

I realised I want to distance this music completely from my old artist persona as Aavepyörä, so I started a new project. I call it Kadonneet maat, which translates as: “Lost Lands”. These are visions of a post-anthropocenic world, where humankind lives in balance with nature. They are also stories of the downfall before that. Beyond those two concepts, the idea of Lost Lands is to me the lost and forgotten myths and stories of all the places and people of whom even no memory remains. In a geological timeframe, even the continents will be turned over, and everything we know will be truly lost. We live in the lost lands of future. And despite all this, life will go on in it’s own peculiar, insistent, numerous and beautiful ways.

Now I am back to the city, the father of a son, and working full-time, so spending such wasteful amounts of time is not possible. First of all, this album will be a beautiful reminder of those free years for me, and secondly, I have now a new kind of fresh and strong basis on which to build ideas on. I already have ideas for several completely different albums, but considering how busy life is, I won’t be doing such incredibly detailed and finely crafted album anytime soon. So it’s entirely possible some more immediate dance styled music might be next on my list… I’m very interested in experimenting with the combination of Bitwig and my analog gear through CV, as well as doing remasters and remixes of some of my old material.

But right now, I need a rest, and I can enjoy this moment of emptiness and achievement which comes when a big project is finished. Such moments are not altogether that common for creative people, so I’ll try not to start on a new album too soon. This means that my friends might get a phone call from me, various things around the house might get fixed, and most of all I can get some sleep at night for a change 🙂