Outer Limits – Experimental Presets for Bitwig 4

Outer Limits – Experimental Presets for Bitwig 4


Please notice that  my Woocommerce plugin died completely, and I haven’t managed to restore the shop yet! This means, that for now the presets are not available.

Outer Limits is a set of experimental tools and sound generators for Bitwig 4 and above. It includes 40+ highly specialised chains mostly based on the Grid. There’s not a lot of  curated packs of presets for Bitwig around, so here’s a place to start!

Originally I have been creating these sounds for my own use, but since there’s been a bit of interest, I went through the (considerable) trouble of cleaning and setting everything up for a proper release.

There’s a glitch sequencer, additive and phase deformation synthesizers, pitch trackers, faux-analog saturation and dynamics tools, and so on.

Outer Limits cover graphics. Experimental presets for Bitwig 4!

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